Program April 5 2020

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If you want to participate in the Tattoo Contest, then you should familiarize yourself with the order and schedule of registration at the event.

10:00 Shop representatives accept booths after overnight security.
10:30 Accreditation of Denis Titan's master class participants
11:00 Exhibition opening for visitors
11:00 Tattoo Conference Room. The master class "Black and white realism" by Denis Tidan.
14:00 “Best Sketch” nomination
14:30 Tattoo Contest: “Worst Tattoo” nomination
15:00 Tattoo Contest: “Graphics” nomination
15:00 Tattoo Contest: “Ornament” nomination
16:00 Award in nominations Sketch, Graphics, Ornament
16:00 Tattoo Contest: “Oriental” nomination
17:00 Tattoo Contest: “New School” nomination
17:00 Tattoo Contest: “Old School” nomination
18:00 Award in nominations Oriental, New School, Old School
18:00 Tattoo Contest: “Neotraditional” nomination
19:00 Tattoo Contest: “Best Collaboration” nomination
20:00 Best Of Sunday Black&Gray
  Best Of Sunday Colorful
20:45 Award in nominations Neotraditional, Best Collaboration, Best Of Sunday.
21:00 Best Of Show.
21:30 Best Of Show Award, New Festival Name Award.
22:00 Exhibition Closing for Visitors

ATTENTION!!! Due to the difficulty of predicting the number of participants in the Tattoo Contest, the start time of program numbers may change. Follow the announcement (announcements from the stage)!